Monday, August 19, 2013

"I panicked and woke up in the middle of the night with my chest feeling so heavy. It turns out your cat was sitting on me, watching me sleep."
- A Former House Guest


  1. My cat tried to smother me in my sleep once. She used her fat belly. She has since gotten more creative in her assassination attempts.

  2. My dad had a cat that would lay on his chest until he woke up to feed him. First time the cat did it, dad thought he was having a heart attack. Only to be relieved when he opened his eyes and saw the cat

  3. Our kitty's first night in our home, she snuck in and fell asleep on my husband's pillow, lovingly wrapped around his head. It, of course, woke him up, he screamed, the cat hissed and ran out. She has not ventured back into this scary bedroom again since and we're going on five months now.

  4. when I was a teenager I once woke up from a nap to glowing yellow eyes and awful halitosis. Somehow our neighbours cat had got into our house and decided that my chest was the best place to sit. Needless to say, he soon took off once I screamed. It was so weird.

  5. Mine do that when they get the munchies. After I put something out they leave me alone.

  6. My black kitty sleeps on me every night. If I'm lying on my stomach, she's on my back, and vice versa. If I'm lying on my side, she sleeps in the dip between my arm and my torso, lying on top of my shoulder, her front paws near my ear. At first it was weird, but now I'm used to it, and she's kept me very warm this winter. I don't know if it's a) because she loves me, b) because she is using me to keep warm too, or c) it's her revenge because sometimes I'm too asleep to open the bed covers and let her in during the night!

  7. When I first got Roxii, she would sleep on my pillow, wrapped around the top of my head like headphones. Her little purr was the best thing to help me sleep. Now she's too big for that so she sleeps on my butt/ husband gets terribly jealous... but she always snuggles up to him when it thunders.

  8. Hahaha at least they don't try to sleep ON your face, right?

  9. I had a cat that would jump from my dresser to wake me up. she was part maine coon, so yeah, it knocked the wind out of me.
    she would also stare at me when i was sleeping. it is quite terrifying to wake up to that face right in yours.

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  11. *Love* this! I don't recall ever having an episode like this, but it must be *exciting* or *disconcerting*

    (btw, Yasmine, looks like you have an objectionable spammer above. IDK how to flag it.)

  12. 1. I have friends who don't come sleep over anymore because of that reason.
    2. One of our cats likes to sleep on people's necks. So if you think a heavy chest is alarming...
    3. I once woke up because two of my cats were fighting quite literally over me and scratched my face pretty darn bad.
    4. Also, sometimes I wake up all warm and cuddling a cat that wasn't there when I went to sleep and it's really nice (because this comment seemed too hard on them.)

  13. My cats will knead and knead at us. I think it's wonderfully relaxing and it helps me fall asleep, but we have to lock the cats out at night because they drive him insane with it. :(

  14. My cat did this to me. At around 4am I woke up and freaked the frak out. I was living in an apartment at the time, and the next day the neighbor I shared my bedroom wall with knocked on my door and asked me if everything was alright.

  15. The first time I went into the hospital, it was for over a week. When I was allowed to come home, every time I moved in bed, Pippy would climb on my chest to see if I was okay. Every. Single. Time. Which might have been fine, but I had pneumonia and he was 20+ lbs.

  16. My cat watches me in my sleep but once her eyes get as big as in the third pic she pounces on my face I wake up with the scratch marks to prove it

  17. Sometimes I think you must sneak into my house and write about what my cats are doing. I don't write this to make anyone sad, but my husband has stage 4 liver and lung cancer and his wish is to die at home in his own bed with his loved ones around him. With some help from wonderful hospice people, this is exactly what he is doing. What I wanted to tell you was that our little Lucy has always loved him the best even though I feed her and care for her needs. Since he has been so sick she is with him almost every single moment. She only leaves his bed to grab something to eat or to dash to the litter box. She mostly sleeps curled up next to him but she also roams the bed, checking to see how he is (I think) and lets our other cat Winkers visit but she won't let him stay. She gives such huge comfort to my husband. Who knew that the raggedy little stray we took in 11 years would be one of the souls helping my husband with his last days. It is so sweet to see, the hospice people just love to see her.

    1. Its amazing how cats can tell when we ar sick bless ur husband with a beautiful bond they both share

    2. Thanks, my husband passed away two days ago and Lucy has hardly left his bed looking for him. She is just sure that he is somewhere close, she just can't find him. I would love her anyway, but I really love her for the comfort she brought to my husband in his last days.

    3. I'm sorry for your loss. I wish you peace.

  18. As a small child in Ireland, my husband's cat, Princess, proudly delivered an entire litter of 6 kittens on my husband's chest while he slept....

  19. My cat will smack me in the face multiple times a night and a lot of times her cla s scratch my face. Still have no idea the AM she acts all sweet like nothing happened... Wtf?

  20. Oh I have a solution to this, every time my little klutz does this to me, my arms will sprung out from under the blanket and catches him. We will then proceed to snuggle for the entire duration of my sleep and there is nothing his tiny paws or mewing can do to set him free. He now learns to leave me alone unless he is in for an all night snuggle fest.


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