Thursday, April 5, 2018

Cat knows how to get me out of bed when I need it.


A couple of things:
1. I had to order more postcards (for the “Hello, My Name is___” journal), so if you haven’t received yours yet, it will come from this batch :)
2. To those asking, my commission shop will open again by the end of the month or in May (I have to finish several projects first).

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My creative journal, "My Name is ________, and I'm a Cat Lady"* is now available!
I'm also doing an online book signing!
If you purchase from me, let me know how you'd like me to sign it:
•Postcard (I'll be inserting it in the book, will include until I run out):
-Please state if you want it signed and/or dedicated to someone
-Recipient name and address, if applicable
•Journal itself:
-Please state if you want it signed and/or dedicated to someone, or to leave it blank.
If you'd like a postcard and purchased elsewhere, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, local bookstore, etc… (with proof of receipt/transaction number, etc…):
-Please state if you want it signed and/or dedicated to someone
-Recipient name and address
Those who pre-ordered the journal (thank you!) and requested postcards, they will be/have been mailed out. I’ll be emailing you as well to confirm.
You can find the journal through these places:
The journal is available internationally as well.
You can email me at catvshuman @ or contact me through my shop if you have questions:
Thank you!
*Yes, I am working on non-gender specific journals as well :)
** Comic coming up next! :3

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I have a new book coming out on February 13! It is a creative journal for Cat Ladies, and it has 192 journaling pages with prompts and other activities based on your relationship with your cats :3
You can find it in places like:
Oh, and I’m doing an online book signing for this, so if you preorder, until the day of release, I’ll send my signed Thank You postcards like I did with some of my previous books. 
All you will need is your transaction number or a screenshot/photo of your receipt in your email, plus the following:
•Name of the person you'd like to dedicate the postcard to
•Name (first and last name) and mailing address of the person you'd like the postcard to be sent to
Please email me this info at:
catvshuman @
I’ll have this until February 16, or until I run out of cards.
Thanks, as always :)

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