Friday, October 12, 2012

The title of this comic is “The Case of the Missing Hairball”.
Oh, and I might do a Kitten Nightmares comic for Halloween. I’m still trying to figure out the story.


  1. At least you have less gunk to clean :)

  2. This sort of happens to me, only I would change "HKKK UCKKK HHH" for "SCRASH SCRASH SCRASH" and the hairball for a little cat poop. I know, is grose.

  3. Okay, I totally had this happen to me one night... only it was my other CAT that ate the hairball! So gross.

  4. Better than to step into it at night with bare feet... ^^

  5. Oh, yes, please, please do a Halloween Kitten Nightmares strip!!!!

  6. This has happened with me and Cabbit before, except there is no one else around to eat the hairball. I think Cabbit literally pukes up invisible hairballs sometimes...

    That being said, my mother in law recently rushed down stairs to our bedroom practically in tears, convinced that Cabbit was dying because he was "Making terrible noises and can't breath" I ran upstairs ready to call the emergency vet, only to be met with a purring Cabbit and an exceptionally large hairball :/

  7. I still can't understand all this about the hairballs... what causes the cats do "make" the hairballs?

    I've had over 20 cats in my life so far and none of them "made" hairballs... my 5 current cats don't either.

    1. Hairballs happen when the cat swallows hair from grooming itself, and can't expel it out the other end. Usually ti happens when there is a lot of shedding or when kitty is stress grooming, and it happens more with long hair cats than with short hair cats. Cabbit only coughs up hairballs when I forget to brush him daily during shedding season (Spring and fall)

    2. One of my cats have long hair, but she never coughs up hairballs... and we don't brush them.

    3. I've been raised with cats in the family ever since I was born. I'm now nearly 40 and my current kitty is the first one that has ever had furballs!

      My previous kitty had long hair, but no hairballs.
      This kitty has long hair too, but unfortunately, furball after furball after furball!! It's not so bad when I can brush him all the time, but even then, he still produces them. So, I guess it just depends on the individual kitty. I'd still never trade him, he's worth every, I think! hahaha ")

      wf: ngoredi
      "the dyslexic simply ngoredi any words he didn't understand..."

  8. Ewwwww... that really is proof positive that dogs will eat anything!

    Does your cat love boxes? (Don't they ALL??). Anyway... blog has a Cats in Boxes photo contest and you can win free cat food and cat treats!

  9. Everyone who knows me even a little knows I am SO NOT a dog person. But this might be one use for them. ;)

  10. I would LOVE a Halloween Kitty Nightmare!! Halloween has never looked better!

    Hilarious post (and sadly, oh so true.....except for the dog part. I don't know if that makes it better or worse...:O !)

    And as always, the comments from everyone else make me laugh all over again!

    Zombie Ted

  11. hahhh this happened to me once! I found it 3 days after :(

    By the way! there is something that always happens to me and i think you never draw it, perhaps it doesn't happens to yoU! every time I am going to travel and I take the suit case out of the closet my cat Effannéell just hide, and If i call her for hours she don´t come out wherever she is! yesterday after 2hour searching I found her behind the tv.... errrrr

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  13. Eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!


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