Tuesday, September 23, 2014


My newest children's book, A Bed For Kitty (Roaring Brook Press), is now out! It's about a kitty who likes to sleep on things that aren't her bed. And like my my previous book, I See Kitty, I'd like to do another online "book signing". I'll be sending out Thank You postcards to those who have purchased A Bed For Kitty, just like in the image above.

All you will need is your transaction number or a screenshot/photo of your receipt in your email, plus the following:

•Name of the person you'd like to dedicate the postcard to
•State if you'd like a Puffy Cat or a Cat in a Box. Please no fancy kitty pattern requests, like calicos or torties, for example, as I am drawing with a black marker. But you can request the kitty to look "puffy" or "smooth". Or you can state "surprise me". If you don't request a look, I will just draw whatever I feel like :) 
•Name (first and last name) and mailing address of the person you'd like the postcard to be sent to

+ + + Please email me at cvshbooks @ gmail . com + + +

I'll be signing postcards until Tuesday of next week, September 30.

A Bed For Kitty can be found here:

Thanks, as always :)



  1. So cute! Though I am very glad that our cat is not a fan of litter-box naps.

    1. The litter box nap is the one thing that I didnt get at first.I have known lots of kittys and have never seen any of them sleep in a litter box.

  2. Love the book! This one and your previous children's book are perfect for the youngest kitty enthusiasts. I'll be using them in my library storytimes. Thank you!

  3. Im asking for this for christmas! So adorable <3

  4. Cutieeeee.......<3 >^_^<


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